Accurate, Automated

Sales Forecasts Delivered Straight into Salesforce

Take the guesswork out of your quarterly forecasts, prioritise opportunities and build a stronger sales pipeline.

Increase Win-rates. Increase Revenues.
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No More "Finger In The Air" Approach
To Forecasting

Harness the power of predictive analytics to accurately estimate your future business sales. Close more opportunities, keep customers for longer and improve the accuracy of your forecasts.

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Get a true reflection of your sales pipeline!

By analysing your historical data, Forcecast unlocks powerful insights, drives better business performance, enhances decision-making, and improves operational efficiencies.

Achieve your sales goals by taking strategic action on prioritised opportunities. Save deals by identifying potential early warning signals and risks in the pipeline.





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We identify the
hottest prospects

Powerful machine-learning algorithms unlock hidden patterns and relationships in your data

We score each opportunity and highlight the ones with the highest propensity of buying or leaving. We also identify any clues about 'why'.


From hidden insights
to actionable tasks

Providing insightful reports, build scheduled sales campaigns to target prioritised opportunities and accounts.

By adding automated actions, agents can focus on selling, not wasting time inputing data.

Stop forecasting
in the dark

79% of sales organisations continually miss their forecasts by more than 10%. Well, that stops today!

'Forcecast' provides accurate forecasts on your pipeline and displays precise historical trends on how each opportunity is performing over time. Make clear, informed decisions on how to prioritise your resources.

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Features that keep getting smarter

Invisible Insights

Detect hidden patterns and relationships across your organisations open data-sets

More Effective Sales Reps

Sales reps can work more efficiently by prioritising opportunities most likely close-won.

Increase Win-Rates & Revenues

With 'Opportunity Scores', identify accounts with a high probability of closing.

Better Business Decisions

Use real-time data and have more objective conversations about opportunities and performance

Continuous Learning

Using Machine-Learning algorithms, Forcecast gets smarter and more accurate with every analysis.

Scales Up

Fits seamlessly into big data infrastructures. Scales with large, diverse, open data-sets.

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Not required - A PHD In Data Science

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Set-up & Start

To start, select to run either a Sales or Churn Analysis. Set your conditions and filters. Click 'Run' to start the analysis.

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Review & Retain

Review the report which highlights sales and renewal opportunites using predicted scores. Create streamlined Sales or Retention campaigns.

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Attach & Assign

Automate & attach tasks to sales and renewal campaigns. Assign team members to follow up, take action & increase win-rates or renewal rates.

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