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The team behind 'Forcecast' predictive analytics is Pexlify - a leading Platinum Salesforce Partner

We help SMB's and B2B enterprises increase sales by prioritising qualified opportunities, improving forecast accuracy, reducing customer churn and streamlining business processes.
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As a trusted Salesforce Partner, Pexlify specialises in delivering flexible and scalable Salesforce solutions and & products on the Salesforce Platform.

Pexlify is a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner and leading provider of Salesforce.com solutions in the UK and Ireland.

Offering a full professional service engagement model allows clients to share the risk of delivery with a mature and experienced team of Salesforce professionals.

Our experienced team helps clients eliminate system inefficiencies, harmonise processes between their teams, and enhances their reporting capabilities.

Pexlify works with global industry leaders in fields such as Insurance, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Retail and more. Pexlify's clients include ICON, ALLIANZ, SMARTBOX GROUP, VOLKSWAGON BANK, ULSTER BANK, WONGA. VOXPRO, to name a few.

Passion About Work

We pride ourselves on our technical, project and business analysis skills which enable us to solve the most complex business requirements.

Our team of experienced and highly certified Salesforce Consultants, Scrum Masters, Project Management professionals and Developers, have a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects on time and on budget.

Some Highlights

  • Salesforce Platinum Partner
  • Experienced Team
  • Implementation & Training support
  • Trusted by hundreds of Clients

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