Bringing Simplicity To Sales Commission Plans

Forcecast incent is the intelligent way for Sales Teams to manage their compensation plans.

Incentivise The Right Behaviours

With Forcecast incent, track sales, commissions and bonuses. Design straightforward commission plans that excites your sales teams and drive behaviours that align with your company goals. Make your sales team productive and motivated at the same time.


Provides clear visibility into commission plans for both reps & managers


Accurately calculate simple & complex commissions using a broad range of formulas.


Replace tedious spreadsheets & manual inputting with process automation.


Focus sales teams on the right objectives and motiviate individuals to exceed quota.

Goodbye To Complex, Error-Prone Spreadsheets

Tired of Excel sheets with complicated logic, tons of columns and no room for manual errors?

Take back full control of of your commission cycle - determine quota status, calculate commissions based on plans and provide detailed reports to senior management and individual staff members.

Align Comp Plans With Company Goals

Create sales commissions for any new products, as well as enhancements to existing products or services. Let administrators login and adjust commission rates, commission split ratios and more.

Create Sales Commissions for New & Existing Products

Forcecast incent allows managers to establish pay rates, design bonus programs and calculate commissions.

Make changes to every aspect of your sales ommission strategy - without the need for custom code.

No Complex Formulas or Custom-Code Required

No need for complex mathematical formulas in Excel or degree in coding. Eliminate costly payment errors with automated commission calculation and reduced errors due to manual inputs.

Provide Real-Time Visibility into Commission Payments for Managers & Reps
Provide a real-time view of commission progression and drive the right sales behaviours for your team.
Easily keep track of closed revenue amounts, quota attainment targets and commissions earned to date.
Revenue Vs Quota Quarterly Commission
Managers and agents can view current quarterly performance and get intelligent insights on deals most likely to close successfully.
Supervise strategies and campaigns from the campaign manager dashboard.
From the campaign dashboard, easily monitor how teams and individuals are performing.
Track what You've Earned.

Easily monitor closed sales and qucikly view how much you have earned in commission to-date.

Complete & Accurate Reporting

View team and individual performance dashboards and provide detailed reports to FInance, Senior Managers and individual employees.

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