Crush Your Sales Number.

With Forcecast's Sales Performance Management features, forecast with greater accuracy, predict your top opportunities most likely to close and motivate your salespeople with goals and leaderboards .
Create actionable sales and retention campaigns for continued profitable growth.
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Turning data into sales

With predictive capabilities, businesses can take sales to the next level and deliver a superior customer experience.
Forcecast gives you the tools to target the right opportunities, at the right time.

Key Features

Forcecast is designed with one goal in mind - help companies take direct action on intelligent insights.
By providing clear visibility into your sales pipeline, focus on the deals that matter most.

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Analysis Strategy

Schedule reports to run
on a regular basis for comparison

Group 1907
Pattern Detection

Finds hidden patterns &
relationships in open data-sets

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Automatic Forecasts

Predict forecast results
with greater accuracy

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Predicted Opportunity Scores

Presents predicted probability scores
for Sales & Retention

Dynamic Change Report

View changes in probability scores
over specific time periods

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Campaign Management

Create campaigns to target specific
opportunities & accounts

Group 1855
Automated Actions

Schedule actions for
Sales Teams to complete

Group 1393
Data Integration

Connects to internal & external
data sources to uncover insights.

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Machine Learning

Forcecast learns & gets smarter
with every analysis

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Natural Language Processing

Reads text files and delivers
sentiment analysis scores

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Data Protection

Complies with Data Protection

Support & Training

Full training, configuration
& support provided

While you focus on selling,
we focus on data

Applying today's most
advanced analytics

Forcecast makes sense of complex data using machine learning algorithms to unlock hidden gems buried deep in your data.

Delivering powerful insights enables sales teams to improve forecasts and prioritise opportunities in the pipeline.

Removing personal bias from the decision-making process provides sales with objective data that allows them to sell more.

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analysis strategies

'Analysis Strategies' allow users to schedule and run multiple reports over a specific time period. View and compare forecasts and probability scores from previous reports on a quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Sales & Pipeline

Forcecast analyses historical data to score opportunities and predicts new, accurate forecasted amounts in the current pipeline.

Sales teams can now provide precise forecasts, allowing managers to prioritise resources and allocate them where they're needed most.


Close more deals with Campaigns & Actions

Campaigns & Actions is where the rubber meets the road.
The analysis is complete and the report is delivered - now what?

Create individual campaigns from directly inside a report. Use probability scores and key insights to create focused campaigns targeting specific opportunities and accounts.

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Select each opportunity to add to the campaign. Use'Campaign Actions' to set clear, actionable steps and schedule tasks for sales agents.

Supervise strategies and campaigns from the campaign manager dashboard.

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From the campaign dashboard, easily monitor how teams and individuals are performing.

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An application that
keeps getting smarter

With advanced machine-learning capabilities, Forcecast becomes smarter and more accurate with every analysis, enhancing an organisation’s decision-making abilities.


Target customers
at the optimal time

By predicting the likelihood of winning or losing a customer, Forcecast strengthens the way organisations prioritise accounts and helps them reach out to contacts at the most opportune time.

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